What we do

Our consultants help organisations build, own and deliver successful strategies and capabilities to optimise product and service innovation. We focus on empowering and enabling our clients to fully understand their strategy and we work with their teams to bring it to life. We do this through our 5 step approach.

Improve predictably

Here we help our clients understand their product, where are the leverage points, pricing and margins. We build knowledge and expertise internally so that your product is aligned to the overall business strategy

Accelerate innovation

Understand your position in market, are you a challenger brand, do you have a product growth mindset. Who is your true customer, what is it that they need doing, how aligned are you in understanding the needs of internal customers verse external. Understanding your product its position and the part it plays within our trading ecosystem is fundamental to innovation we train teams to think differently

Increase throughput (product velocity)

How are your teams set up, are there silos, what is getting done, and what does done mean? Are you working on business needs or business wants. How quickly are you getting items to market, how quickly are you able to measure and see they effectiveness of the work. We work with clients to understand rapid prototyping to effective design sprints.

Increase Organizational Effectiveness

How are your teams set up? Do you have the right people in the right place providing the right level of input, Who is the real stakeholder, who needs to be informed and who needs to really make a decision. At times there can be too many people all pulling at the same rope which in theory looks like there is people power. But there are only so many hands that can hold the rope. Which means that everyone at some point will be stepping and going over one another. Slowing the process and causing friction. We show clients how to align the business vision and mission and motivate everyone to contribute and take part effectively

Improve Product Strategy and Product Portfolios

Do you really know what you product is, beyond the tactical application what is the overall goal. Is there should there be only one product, how will your product evolve over time knowing that your customers are always evolving, Product strategy and product portfolio development is not about doing things so radical they never get off the ground our teams help clients see what is in plain sight and help them accelerate the